Mission & Message Clarity

for entrepreneurs who will

Change the World

Clarify your impact

Get clear on your niche, mission, and offer to the world


Craft a powerful narrative

Start talking about it in a powerful way that moves your audience to action


A strategy to implement

Scale your impact with marketing that connects and start a movement


Are you amplifying the right one?

You need to do more than build just a great business. But…

If your marketing is fuzzy, you could waste tons of time and money amplifying the wrong message and never make the impact you were meant to have.

If you aren’t clear, you aren’t connecting with the customers who will jump to do business with you. That can make even the most confident changemaker doubt their ability to start a movement.



Schedule Your Strategy Session


We’ll connect on a FREE 30-minute Strategy Call. I’ll get to know you and we’ll evaluate your current strategy, then start crafting a custom strategy to start aligning in a way that has the most traction for your business AND mission.


Get Clear & Start Implementing


We’ll work together using a powerfull framework to get really clear on your brand identity, a powerful narrative, and a strategy that massively connects with your ideal followers and employees.           


Scale Your Business & Your Impact


With clear, targeted, and powerful message you’ll start to connect and grow in a way you’ve never been able to before. You’ll have confidence knowing  that you’re amplifying the RIGHT message.

Scale your impact

Melissa helped me identify and embrace my values, and develop my messaging to attract clients who are in line with my long-term goals. Melissa is razor-sharp and very creative, and I feel so lucky to be working with her.

Sarah F

CEO, Hey, Sarah

“You have been such a tremendous help for the fundraising process. From tightening up our message or pushing us to think about the story behind the slides, you have been there every step of the way, and I am very grateful for all of your advice, support, and faith in us.”

Rob G

COO, Wellacopia

A Strategy that Aligns

Align internal & external brand strategy


Impactful brand narrative strategy

Website wireframe & copy


Tag-lines, quick-pitch, profile copy

Keynote presentations & pitch decks

Lead generation & email campaigns


Launch strategies & social ad copy


Operational areas assessment

Identify lived vs. aspired values

Design process, policy, and programs that foster shared values


Build an operating lens that your entire organization uses to make critical decisions

The 5 things you’ve been told about Impact Marketing that are actually hurting your business

Start a movement

Sample coaching & consulting packages

*Pricing based on an expected return of 5-10x in year 1 of your investment


Have you read Building a StoryBrand or taken the online course?

A certified StoryBrand Guide can evaluate and tweak your BrandScript with you.



We’ll meet to make sure you’ve got it nailed perfectly and suggest a simple strategy to execute so you can take it and make the magic happen.



Whether you’re a CEO, knee deep into your impact business, or just getting started – you face the challenge of getting your ideas and message out there. I know from personal experience what it’s like to struggle to connect to your customers and communicate in a way that they immediate “get” and that motivates them to action.  This lack of clarity can even make you doubt that it’s YOU who can execute this vision.

The magic Impact Formula: Values Alignment + Story

When you operate in alignment to your core values and then develop the right narrative to talk about it, you have the formula for scalable & amplified impact.

Get Clarity

Understand what really drives you and gives you purpose as a Changemaker or Organization. Work to uncover your values on a much more actionable level & learn how to utilize your strengths to gain the clarity and courage you need to develop a flight plan.


Tell your Story

A product becomes a brand and a brand evolves into a movement when we can tell our stories in a way that clearly and  connects on a deep level with our niche. Once you have clarity, it’s time to start getting your message out there and to the right people. HOW you talk about yourself is one of the most critical peices in scaling impact. Working with a Certified StoryBrand Guide is one of the most powerful ways you can ensure your message is getting out there in a way that is clear and connects using a proven framework.

Align for Impact

Develop your own Operating Lens and start to build the tools you need to align. Once you invest in developing your own Impact Operating Lens and learn how to align through it, you’ll tap into a laser focus you’ve never experienced before.

Scale your Vision

Amplify and accelerate your impact by strategically layering your Values Lens with your targeted and powerful narrative.

“I believe business has an increasing obligation and unique position to move the needle on social empowerment. It’s not enough to leave it to not-for-profits and government, we must act with our influence, scale, and profit. Only when we thrive and profit in alignment to our values, can we infinitely scale our impact”

Melissa Davis

Founder, Values to Brand

My Promise to you:

If you have the commitment to make a positive contribution through your business, then I commit to take you through the process of finding clarity and a path to talking to your audience in a powerful way. If you ever feel like you’re not moving forward towards that end, we will work diligently to change course, including a full refund if that is the best outcome for you.


ph: 347-301-3066

Rochester, NY

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Profit that scales impact

What will more profit mean to your impact?

“Conscious companies outperformed the S&P 500 Index by nearly 9 to 1 over a ten year period (2004-2014)”

Raj Sisodia, David B. Wolfe, and Jag Sheth, Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Wharton School Publishing, 2007; 2nd Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson 2014