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You have a Visionary mindset, someone who has the unique ability to see the big picture and envision the impact you desire.

You may sometimes find yourself overflowing with ideas and connect dots between concepts and ideas that others do not. You are also likely motivated to share them with the world, to uncover their full potential and impact. You want to see those visions lived.

You have the mindset of a natural leader and influencer. This can mean different things for different people, but regardless of your scope and scale, you have the gift and natural ability to affect real change in the world.

Your BIG Advantages:

Only a small percentage of the population (likely less than 10%) have a true Visionary mindset. You are resilient and can take the long view when it comes to decisions and the paths you decide to take. You tend to understand that your destiny is in your control and that you have the power internally to make yourself and others successful.

You also have the HUGE power of influence- the ability to bring people together on an idea, cause, or belief. Master the ability to inspire and you have the formula for a massive impact.

What to look out for:

While you have the power of influence on your side, you also have the big power of influence on your side, which means people listen when you take the stage. You’ll need to focus on ensuring that what you say has substance and is an agent for positive change.

You are a WHY type and likely find that while you have huge visions of change and can communicate that vision with some clarity, you probably don’t see a clear path to getting it all done. In fact you might find the details entirely overwhelming. You’ll need to bring HOW types in to help. You won’t be able to enact your vision alone, so get that out of your head now! Look for Innovators and Guru’s to help bring your big ideas to fruition.

If you are one to get too caught up in the big, BIG picture, you may forget that the devil is in the details (or overlook the details altogether), or worse, that it’s people, with real human limitations, motivations, and emotions, that get things done.

You may also find that you get easily overwhelmed with ideas and sidetracked easily, focus might be an issue. Invest in systems to help you stay on track. This might mean automating your finances, committing to a schedule for writing, reaching out to prospects, etc. and coming up with a way to focus your To-do list in a way that places your highest impact or urgent items at the forefront.

Personal Empowerment Hacks:

You may be just starting your journey with a Visionary mindset or have long recognized this path, but there are some things you can do to accelerate your impact at any stage.

Do things that stretch yourself- constantly. Your muscles as a Visionary will always need to be exercised, get used to it! Some Visionaries find this comes naturally, but others (especially if you are an introvert) do not.

If you are comfortable, you aren’t growing! And if you aren’t growing, you aren’t growing your impact.

A few ideas to keep you uncomfortable:

Public speaking opportunities or presenting a new concept at a meeting

  • Learning a new language and taking opportunities to immerse yourself
  • Teaching a skill you have at a local community center
  • Commit to publishing something on a schedule (blogging, publishing a LinkedIn or Facebook article, etc.- it must be public!)
  • Mastery of something you have an interest in (watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi)
  • Invest in systems and automation to allow you to focus on activities that allow you to keep growing and bring your vision to life.

If you can afford it, hire someone to clean for you, take care of your yard, etc.

  • Automate anything you can that doesn’t require your brainpower.
    • Set up auto-pay on all of your bills
    • Set calendar reminders for daily, weekly and misc. activities so you can free up trying to remember them
    • Automate some of your email flow, easily get junk out of the way and prioritize urgent and important emails

Work to constantly improve your Emotional Intelligence and Communication skills. Mastering these will maximize your influence, impact, and reach.

Your BIG takeaway:

You may always feel you have untapped potential and that’s a sign that you ought to be pushing yourself further. Make the commitment now to invest in yourself. Get over the idea that investing in your personal development is selfish. It’s far from selfish because the potential impact you will have is immeasurable. You have the potential to positively impact so many people along your path, so get out there!

p.s. Your Changemaker profile is a reflection of your natural mindset around impact and your role in it. This profile helps you to understand how you approach the world, but there is MUCH more to it than that. Stay tuned for some very specific and exciting information from V2B that will be crucial to maximizing your impact on the world!