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You are a natural giver. You are driven to make sure that those around you are supported way that they ought to be. You see it as your personal mission to provide support, healing, or comfort and are more motivated by your potential contribution than your own personal comfort. While you feel it’s important that you make enough to support and take care of your own family, it is not your primary motivator.

Your BIG Advantages:

You are dedicated to your cause or belief and care deeply for those you support or care for.

You probably notice that others are drawn to you because of this and seek out your unassuming advice and comfort. They know you aren’t there to judge them and can always count on you to be there for them.

What to look out for:

While you are super focused on caring for others, you may neglect to care for yourself or take care of the things that you need to outside of your focus (like finances and other personal responsibilities). Make sure that some of your focus and support is aimed at your number one cause- YOU. If you aren’t healthy (body, mind, family, finances), you won’t be able to continue the work you do.

Pay attention to the stress level in your life. Practitioners are particularity prone to stress and adrenal fatigue. It’s not selfish to build into your routine practices that keep you on track.

You may also find that you aren’t comfortable putting yourself out there. While practitioners can be both introverts or extroverts, both sometimes find it uncomfortable to take risks. You can work to do this by taking the opportunity to try new things on a regular basis. STRETCH!

 Empowerment hacks:

EXERCISE! If you haven’t been doing this, start- even if you schedule a 20 minute walk at lunch once a week to start. JUST START and build from there.

Express gratitude or thanks to yourself. If you journal, force yourself to write down a note about how you were PERSONALLY accountable for something great that got done today- even if it’s just rocking your daily routine today. If journaling isn’t going to happen, make sure you make a mental note of it each night.

When someone else expresses their thanks or gratitude to you, accept it instead of downplaying it. Say, “You’re welcome!” Or “That’s so kind of you, I work hard to make sure everything is taken care of.”

Try something new. Commit to trying something new on a regular basis (maybe once a month). Maybe you’ll go out to dance at a club, or try sushi for the first time. As long as it’s uncomfortable for you, it fits the bill. Doing this will show you that small risks aren’t harmful and you’ll start to take bigger ones over time.

Your BIG Takeaway:

Remember to take care of yourself. Make the commitment to invest in your own personal growth because your are the only one truly tasked with taking care of and growing you. It’s not selfish to say “no” sometimes, in fact you will likely have to start doing more of that if you really want to commit to fully empowering yourself. Remember, that to have maximum impact, you have to continue to grow and develop yourself.

p.s. Your Changemaker profile is a reflection of your natural mindset towards impact and your role in it. This profile helps you to understand how you approach the world, but there is MUCH more to it than that. Stay tuned for some very specific and exciting information from V2B that will be crucial to maximizing your impact on the world!