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You are a sacrificer by nature or possibly because of your life experience. Your tendency is to allow others to take the lead, often at your own expense. Some Martyr’s become martyr’s by their own design, to lay themselves down to stand in opposition to some injustice or big cause, but it’s often a strategic tactic to make a really big gesture or to prevent a much larger sacrifice or disaster.

Possible Advantages:

Most Marty’s aren’t placed in this big grand gesture category, but rather place themselves in positions to defend something they feel very strongly about. This can be admirable and even powerful in the right circumstances. Use your passion and beliefs to produce real change in the world by making sure that your words and actions are heard and seen.

What to look out for:

You may often feel like the world is conspiring against you and regardless of how hard you try, you just can’t get ahead. This doesn’t just stink for you, it’s hard on your family and friends too because you also may not see your own role to play in not hitting the bar.

The good news is that the Martyr profile isn’t really a profile at all- it’s a snapshot of where you are right now and you have the ability to shift gears if you invest in the move. You may truly be a Practitioner, a Guru, an Innovator, or a Visionary, but you haven’t been able to peel back the layers to recognize that just yet.

Empowerment Hacks:

With some mental shifts and exercises, you’ll move yourself into one of our other Change Maker types.

Start a journal to begin to self reflect on causes and results in your life. This is a really powerful tool to help you start to do this.

Invest in yourself and commit, no matter what, to its completion. This may mean taking an inexpensive course that would help you with work, or sitting down with someone to help you get your finances or resume in order. Ask for help from a close friend or family member and ask them to hold you accountable to completing this.

Work to quiet the internal script you have that holds you back. We all hold limiting beliefs, but you may be particularly prone to being held hostage to them.

You may find that you hear yourself say things like “I’m not smart enough” or “this isn’t worth it”, or “I’m such an idiot”. You may also find yourself placing this script on others for seemingly minor offenses. “he doesn’t care about me” or “I know they just want to get rid of me”. The first step is to recognize that this script exists! Pay attention to when you hear yourself saying it. You might not be able to stop it at first, but just knowing that it’s negatively impacting you will help you when you start to replace this script with one that works to promote you instead of hold you back.

Your BIG Takeaway:

You may feel stuck right now, but you DO have the power to influence outcomes and taking small steps to assert your control will start you on the path to personal empowerment. Make the commitment to taking one of the steps above in the Empowerment Hacks section or something else you decide will empower you.

STAY TUNED for Hacks and Tips from me via email to help you on your path. Also, take the quiz again in a few months, after you’ve spent some time banishing those limiting beliefs and you start taking some control. You might be surprised to find that you are really a practitioner, a guru, an Innovator, or a Visionary.