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You are a natural problem solver. You understand how things work (or dive into trying to understand it if you don’t!) and get inspired by seeking solutions to problems others give up on. You are a divergent thinker and can see a number of solutions to a problem or challenge. Others come to you for advise on how to approach challenges they can’t see the light on and marvel at your ingenuity.

You see the world and the issues that emerge as opportunities to tackle and you can conjure up prototypes or solutions on the spot, even if they are outrageous. Depending on your personality, you may be able to hold many solutions as viable until the best solution emerges through evidence, or you may get attached to your first idea and defend it mercilessly.

NOTE: Some Innovator’s are Visionaries in disguise. Read the Visionary profile to see if it resonates with you….if it does, you might be a hybrid or a full on Visionary.

Your BIG Advantages:

You are driven, diligent, and stay engaged far longer than your counterparts to see your ideas take shape. Your ability to focus on the problem or issue at hand is impressive and your natural ability to focus and methodically seek answers makes you an invaluable member of a high functioning team.

While you have elements of a WHY type, your strength really emerges because you know HOW to bring a vision to life. You use experience, knowledge, and a powerful curiosity to execute the larger vision because you can craft the solutions that bring that vision to life. Partner with a Visionary type to start a new venture.

What to look out for:

Hyper focus will be your biggest siren, try to avoid it- it will pull you away quickly from the bigger objective. Your ability to focus is a gift, but make sure you build in a cadence of checking in on the bigger picture.

Also, keep in mind that solutions, regardless of how mind-blowingly awesome they are, will need to be communicated effectively to spark inspiration and motivation for others to jump on board with your idea.

Personal Empowerment hacks:

Much like the Visionary, you need to keep pushing your own boundaries to continue to grow and meet your full potential. Don’t slack off. If your are comfortable, you aren’t growing! Don’t get comfortable.

Put yourself out there to be vulnerable. If you are a newly recognized Innovator, you might have the tendency to hold up with your work and ideas and not begin to share them with the world- the folks who would really benefit from your work.

Attend community meet-ups to share ideas with like-minded innovators. On-line forums are great, but they don’t get you in front of PEOPLE.

  • Present an idea or solution to your leadership team or local community group- you know you have a handful of solutions that would simply transform your organization.

Inspiring communication and motivation are a big part of “selling” your ideas and fully bringing them into action, or the market. Buy-in requires the ability to inspire and motivate others. This is where you really want to invest in yourself.

  • Take courses on Inspiring communication.
  • Prepare a TED lecture on your big idea- keep that big picture in mind. Think about the underlying problems values your solution tackles.
  • Start blogging your ideas and engage your audience.
  • Your BIG takeaway:

Big things come to fruition when you start to really understand and embrace your Innovator mindset. Don’t ever underestimate your potential impact. If you can connect your ideas to the bigger picture and communicate the real impact your ideas will have, you will make giant leaps forward for all of us.

p.s. Your Changemaker profile is a reflection of your natural mindset towards impact and your role in it. This profile helps you to understand how you approach the world, but there is MUCH more to it than that. Stay tuned for some very specific and exciting information from V2B that will be crucial to maximizing your impact on the world!