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You thrive on mastery and continually seek to further your knowledge of the subjects you have interest in. You pride yourself on being the go-to person and because you are a natural mentor and teacher, others seek you out for your advice and guidance.

Your admirers see you as a mentor, a coach, and a teacher. You have so much information to share and are driven to share it.

Extroverts teach and share openly but introverts may feel more comfortable writing, blogging, or passing along their wisdom in one on one mentorships.

NOTE: Some Guru’s are Visionaries in disguise. Read the Visionary profile to see if it resonates with you….if it does, you might be a hybrid or a full on Visionary.

Your BIG Advantages:

You provide an invaluable resource to those you work with and provide the knowledge and tools they need to get the big things done. You are a HOW type and working with you or buying your product is highly coveted.

You are driven by mastery and are able to really focus your energy on nailing your desired outcome. Your work is usually of very high quality and more importantly, you recognize what needs to be done in the greater context.

You also see the beauty in a well-crafted solution, service, product, or piece of art, and others recognize your skill and dedication because of this.

What to look out for:

Many Guru’s like to connect and share their knowledge, but just as many do not! If you are of the half that don’t feel comfortable or confident (yet!) teaching, mentoring, or selling your craft, you may still want to make an impact with your gifts. Knowing yourself better can help you understand HOW you’ll make the impact you desire. Take a deep dive into what you value. What do you spend your time, money, and energy on? This will help you to start to uncover what you value most and clues may begin to emerge on what will be the most meaningful to you.

If you are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, seek partnership or mentorship from a Visionary friend or connection. You’ll benefit in a big way by taking advantage of their ability to pull back and look at the big picture. They are also really great at communicating the huge value you’ll provide to your market.

Empowerment hacks:

Volunteer! Get out there and share your mastery- so many can benefit from the really hard work you’ve invested in.

Practice divergent thinking. The next time you have the opportunity to make a weighty decision, explore some out-of-the box ideas. What if the obvious solutions weren’t available to me at all, what could I do?

Invest in understanding yourself on a deeper level. Personal, behavior, and motivation assessments are a fun way to get started. There are a number of free ones online (I’ll email you a few links in a bit!).

Your BIG Takeaway:

You have an immense amount of value and beauty to share with the world and it’s just a matter of HOW you will express that impact. Invest in understanding yourself on a deeper level and you’ll quickly gain insights that will point you in the direction you need.

p.s. Your Changemaker profile is a reflection of your natural mindset towards impact and your role in it. This profile helps you to understand how you approach the world, but there is MUCH more to it than that. Stay tuned for some very specific and exciting information from V2B that will be crucial to maximizing your impact on the world!