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Values to Brand (V2B) exists because we are driven to make our own change in the world by teaching the empowering tools to align for and then scale your passion and vision into the real impact you desire.


We help leaders and individuals move boldly forward with clarity and alignment by helping them to create and operate with their own powerful Values Lens. They make critical decisions with confidence and are able to scale their passion with a focus they’ve never experienced before.



At V2B we emphatically believe:


That everyone has the power within themselves to set the trajectory of their path and live purposefully.

That organizations have a unique obligation to provide empowering opportunities to all of their stakeholders, which include their employees and the community they live in and serve.

That everyone should have access to opportunities that allow for empowerment.

That passion is a gift that should not be ignored and is the fuel for amazing things. It should always be explored and sponsored.

Passion and purpose is contagious and inspires others to take action in their own lives. Personal empowerment doesn’t just impact you, it cascades and has massive potential to impact everyone around you, and well beyond!

About Melissa:

My mission with Values-to-Brand, is to empower passionate leaders and doers to execute at every level from the vantage of a strategic values lens. My belief is that when people and organizations live in alignment to their cause, purpose, or belief, by default they then also create empowering opportunities for everyone around them. 

Values-to-Brand evolved over a number of years working and talking with clients, employers, colleagues, and friends.  It became very clear to me over time that there was something very basic missing from the formula for success. 

Many struggled. Decisions seemed arduous and often arbitrary. Organizations always worried about losing key customers and top talent and friends and colleagues worried that or that they’d never jump out there on their own to realize a passion or that their career path was stalled or would never bring them passion.

Conversely, one of the early organizations I worked for, A South African investment bank, seemed to operate a bit differently. They had all of the same pieces in place, but something was different. There seemed to be a shared understanding of why we were all there. It wasn’t even written down in a way that was meaningful, but it was there, and it was lived. Turnover was VERY low for an investment bank, despite salaries far below that of Wall St.


I was hooked.

So, I dug in. Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, Malcom Gladwell, Sheryl Sandburg, Richard Branson, Lazlo Bock, Bradford Smart, Robert Sutton, Adam Grant..and many others. You get the idea. It was a tornado of key attributes of top leaders & what top talent need to thrive, leading with purpose and knowing your why. They were ALL incredibly fascinating.

And yet, I was left with a pile of amazing insights and no clear path for methodically improving outcomes for my organizations, clients, and their employees, customers, and communities.

As the tornado of insights settled, an image emerged for me over time as I tried, over and over, to explain why some organizations and people “get it” and thrive, and other don’t and struggle.

It’s about building and then diligently operating with a Values Lens.

I also saw a New Marketplace emerging. The idea of creating opportunity through business has expanded well beyond its traditional boundaries of creating returns for shareholders, to requiring the creation of opportunities for all stakeholders. The measure of success isn’t solely measured in dollars or share price, it’s measured in real human impact. Business is not a sum zero game.

Innovators, founders, entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, doers, employees, students, and the community WANT MORE. We demand more. We want to align ourselves with organizations and opportunities that believe what we believe.

On top of that, I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to feel as empowered as I did! I know how long it took me to LEAP, and it took me quite a while to understand what was holding me back from getting out there to have the massive impact I knew I was here to make. Now, I want to share all of that with you so that you can get out there NOW and have the full impact you have the potential for!

Let’s get to work!