Are you selling yourself short ? – Try making your story arc longer.

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If you live at all in the world of selling yourself, then you tell a story. Our resume is a story, our work performance or our business pitch and marketing strategy is a story.

Our self-confidence and sense of worth is also heavily supported by the story we tell ourselves every day.

We often have this idea that telling our self-story has something to do with us in the present tense. We project back on the past and lead up the present outcome- for better or for worse. We analyze the past and then we plan for the future.

We miss out on something huge when we do this.

What about the rest of the story? It’s certainly not over, we’re not dead. Yes, we plan ahead, but is it part of our story yet?

Likely not the way it ought to be.

I’d bet my (beloved) Trenta iced green tea that your story arc is way too short. That same story you tell yourself that underpins your self-confidence and self worth. That story’s not over, it’s only at the beginning of the arc.

Get the arc right.

Think about the stories of people or mentors you admire. Think about them in their stories where you are now. If I were Richard Branson, I might be just jumping into Virgin Records, with a small record and coffee shop, not certain of where it will take me, but eager to set fire. Imagine being in that place of struggling a bit (or a lot!), but from the outside being able to see the arc of the story as we know it today. Richard’s story is only starting and so is yours.

Set your arc out further, much further.

Set the arc of your story and visualize yourself farther out on it. Imagine your future-self on the arc looking back at where you are now. Take the big step back and remind yourself that all of these experiences, struggles, ups and downs are all part of the larger arc and that moving forward is all you need to do right now to get there.

Don’t worry about having clarity on the remainder of your story, or the length of the arc. You only need to have a vague image and a sense of what that feels like for you. Imagine that feeling of achieving your full potential. The details aren’t set at all, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. The arc is long and you can move forward knowing you’ve only just begun…some insight tells you that you’ll change the world some day.

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