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The Hack:  Lift others up with you.


As we work to invest and grow ourselves personally and professionally, we start to discover a network of opportunities that weren’t available to us before. Our mindset begins to shift towards seeking opportunity as opposed to avoiding failure and we get better at identifying the right folks to hand around.

It’s easy to stay focused on looking forward to the next step and what we need to do to get there & who can help achieve it.

The reality is that we can easily overlook both the responsibility and huge personal benefit of mentoring, supporting, and sponsoring others around us to advance their own growth.


Why it works:

Networks aren’t valuable unless they are anchored on all sides. As we achieve personal and professional growth, we have an obligation to begin to provide support on that network. You may think that you don’t have much support to provide, but you absolutely do. There is always someone within a short reach who would benefit tremendously from your experience, support, network, sponsorship, or inspiration.

Here’s the hack-worthy note: When we begin to lift others up with us, we actually start to see more value in what we produce. It accelerates our mind shift towards not just seeking opportunity, but actually providing it. Placing ourselves in the mentor, teacher, or sponsorship role helps us gain confidence, validate our impact and as a result, helps us distill and clarify our values and purpose.


How to start:

There is no need to feel you have to start big here. There are many opportunities to lift others up with you in small, but impactful ways.

  1. Give credit where credit is due. When someone has a great idea, promote it if you have leverage or the platform to do it. If you’ve received help, acknowledge it. We mistakenly think that to be seen as successful and competent, we would have accomplished our outcomes without help. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Identifying and utilizing effective advice and resources from conventional and unconventional resources shows that we are strategic, and resourceful. This doesn’t mean we should minimize our own impact, it simply means we should acknowledge others as well.
  2. Promote and make connections for others as they start to put themselves out there. Utilize your network to promote those around you. Share their content or specific need. Make a connection for them you think would be useful for them.
  3. Stand up for others when it’s needed. When a colleague it talked over in a meeting, when their idea is downplayed or stolen, when they are discriminated against, stand up. Use your voice, use your privilege.
  4. Mentor. You can do this formally through a sponsored mentorship program (professional or community) or informally in your network.

How do you raise others up with you? Comment in the post!


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