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The Hack: Take Inspiration into you own hands…in the shower. Take your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about podcasts. I’ve found that peaceful time in the morning is ideal inspiration time and listening to podcasts really gets me primed with ideas and inspiration that build throughout the day.

We don’t realize how under stimulated with inspiration we are. Oh, we’re plenty stimulated with distracting, depressing, stressful information, but don’t invest in balancing our intake.

Why it works: Exposure to new ideas stimulates brain activity helping us to make connections to our existing context that we normally wouldn’t encounter. A new passion or personal insight will likely emerge as you discover content that gets those ideas flowing. Allow yourself to indulge in following your curiosity wherever it leads. Those passions and insights will begin to evolve and become more robust as you explore ideas that get you excited.

How to start: Simply start with any topic or host that you have ANY interest in. Experiment- many episodes are around 20-30 minutes, which are perfect for shower time. If you aren’t sure where you’d like to start, I recommend TED Radio Hour for a huge range of really well presented topics.

And then tell me what your favorite podcasts are- comment below to share the inspiration!



Melissa Davis

Founder, Values to Brand



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