Are you on fire and making your impact on the world? 

Whether you’ve just realized you have the drive to do something much bigger, or you’ve been growing your vision for years, now is the time to fully LEAP and scale.


 Join the tribe of CHANGE MAKERS at V2B who want to prepare to leap.

Whether you envision starting and scaling a company to enact your specific vision or take control of your career path to finally start aligning what you do with what you love, V2B will help you ACCELERATE and LEAP.

The time is now. You only fail when you don’t leap.

“Passion is the result of intentionally or unintentionally aligning your actions with your values. Work to understand yourself and create your own powerful Values Lens, and you gain the focus and clarity to uncover passion at every turn and scale that passion into purpose.”

– Melissa Davis, Founder- Values to Brand




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